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AC Condenser and Evaporator

Is Your Car’s AC Not Working Quite Like It Should?

Keeping your air conditioning system in good working order can be a time-consuming process. The costs and inconvenience of maintaining an AC system quickly mount up, eating into your budget and leaving you stuck in the heat! Your AC has become an albatross around your neck. 

If you’re in the market for a new condenser or evaporator, Everything Auto is here to save the day. Our goal is to make sure every part of your vehicle works well, so we guarantee that our AC Condensers & Evaporators are top-quality products with unbeatable performance. 

AC Condenser Repair & Replacement Made Easy

Summer is here, which means it’s time for road trips and beach days. But imagine heading out for a day of fun in the sun, only to realize your car’s air conditioning system is not working properly. The heat can quickly become unbearable and make any journey miserable. But don’t worry; our auto A/C recharge services have got you covered.

We offer a comprehensive inspection of your A/C system, followed by repairs and a recharge of the refrigerant to bring the pressure up to specifications. We even introduce fluorescent dye to visually reveal any leaks in the system. 

Regular Car Condenser Maintenance For Optimal

Regular maintenance of your car’s air conditioning system is essential to keep it running at its optimal performance. The complex system uses several pounds of refrigerant to cool the air that flows through the lines continually. Over time, wear and tear can cause damage to the lines, resulting in refrigerant leaks that decrease the system’s efficiency. 

We understand the importance of keeping your car’s air conditioning system in top shape. Our mechanics are well-equipped with the latest tools and technology to diagnose and repair any issue with your AC’s refrigerant and lines easily. 

Let Your Car’s AC Keep You Cool

Whether you need an air conditioning system recharge or repair, Everything Auto’s technicians can help. With just a single visit, we can restore the functionality of your automotive system. Don’t let a malfunctioning air conditioning system ruin your driving experience.

At Everything Auto, we always perform a full inspection and test your automotive condenser, evaporator, and other air conditioning components to pinpoint the main cause of the fault.

Contact us today to schedule a check-up on your AC Condensers & Evaporators.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is an AC condenser, and what does it do?

An AC condenser is a component of your car’s air conditioning system that cools and condenses refrigerant, allowing it to be recycled through the system to cool the air in your car.

What is an evaporator, and what does it do?

An evaporator is another important component of your car’s air conditioning system that is responsible for removing heat and humidity from the air that passes through it. It works in conjunction with the AC condenser to cool the air in your car.

How do I know if my AC condenser or evaporator needs to be repaired or replaced?

If you notice that the air blowing out of your car’s vents is warm or not as cold as it used to be, this could be a sign of a problem with the AC condenser or evaporator. Strange noises or odors coming from the air conditioning system are also indicators of a problem.

How often should I have my car’s air conditioning system serviced?

We recommend having your car’s air conditioning system serviced at least every year. This includes a full inspection, cleaning, and recharge if necessary.


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