Oil, Anti-Freeze & Brake Fluids

Oil, Anti-Freeze & Brake Fluids

Is Your Car Feeling A Bit Sluggish?

If you’re having problems like stalling, rough idle, or poor acceleration, it might be time to check your oil, antifreeze, and brake fluids.  Backfires, grinding brakes, and a check engine light can be discouraging and expensive troubleshooting problems. Driving with worn-out fluids can even pose a safety risk, so it’s important to act fast when something is wrong.

Say goodbye to worrying about the next oil change or brake fluid replacement. With specifically formulated products for optimal performance, you can trust Everything Auto to keep your car in top condition and enjoy the peace of mind that comes with knowing your car is always performing at its best.

From Antifreeze To Windshield Washer Fluid

While everyone knows to change the oil, other critical fluids also need routine attention. These include antifreeze, brake fluid, power steering fluid, and windshield washer fluid. Each fluid plays a vital role in ensuring that your car runs smoothly and safely.

Key To Keeping Your Car Running Smoothly

Maintaining the fluids in your car is vital to keep it running smoothly and safely. While most people know to change the oil regularly, other vital fluids also need attention. Antifreeze, for example, is no longer just for cold weather protection. It also prevents rusting all year round. 

Brake fluid is essential for the power brake system to function correctly. Without proper levels of brake fluid, you risk brake failure, making it challenging to stop the car. Keeping an eye on all fluids, including power steering fluid and windshield washer fluid, is crucial to ensure your car operates safely on the road. 

Having proper levels of windshield washer fluid is also essential for maintaining visibility on the road. If you can’t clean off obstructions like bugs or dirt, you may struggle to see the road clearly.

Maintain Optimal Performance With Routine Fluid Checks

Keeping your car’s fluids at the right levels is crucial for optimal performance and extending the life of your vehicle. 

At Everything Auto, we can take care of your fluid checks with the right tools and professionals.

Contact us today to schedule your Oil, Anti-Freeze & Brake Fluids check!

Frequently Asked Questions

What happens if I don't change my oil regularly?

Failing to change your oil regularly can lead to engine damage, decreased fuel efficiency, and overall poor performance of your vehicle.

Do I need to use a specific type of anti-freeze?

Yes, you should use the type of anti-freeze recommended by your car’s manufacturer. Using the wrong type of anti-freeze can damage your car’s engine.

What happens if I don't change my brake fluid?

Failing to change your brake fluid regularly can lead to brake failure, decreased braking performance, and potential accidents.

Can I mix different types of brake fluid?

No, you should never mix different types of brake fluid. Doing so can cause damage to your car’s brake system and potentially lead to brake failure.


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